How It Works

You may find yourself wondering; What is a Live box break? Or How does the process work? Those are both great questions and I will outline the process below in an easy to understand format.

What is a personal live box break or a live case break?
A personal live box break or case break is just that. It is the real time opening of a product that you paid for. When you are ready, the host (someone from RDR Sports Cards) will open the Hobby Box or Hobby Case of sports cards that you paid for. You can login and watch the box being opened for you from anywhere in the world. The break is done live so that you can interact with the host and also recorded so that you can watch it back or share it with your friend. In a week or less the sports cards that were pulled from the product will arrive at your door via the mail. It is an on demand process by which you can open sports cards hobby boxes over the internet from the comfort of your living room.

What is a group break?
A group break is a break of a Hobby Box or Hobby Case which a group of individuals will participate in. Prior to the break starting the product which is being offered to be broken and will be divided in a specific way, you can call those shares. The shares can be broken up by Team(s), Division(s), Conference(s), etc., and you will pay a divided price for your share of that break. Any cards which that break produces that count toward your assigned Team(s), Division(s), Conference(s), etc., will be awarded to you and sent to you via the mail. Group breaking is a great way to allow yourself an opportunity to get some high end cards without bearing the burden of a personal box yourself.

How does the process work:
For personal breaks you simply add the Hobby Box that you want to open to your cart from the Personal Breaks section. After you complete your checkout process you will be contacted to schedule your break via email. If we are online and streaming at the time your order is placed and there are no orders ahead of yours, your product will be broken for you live at that very moment.

For group breaks you will want to check back at the assigned time that the break is scheduled to go off so that you can watch the break live. Although for most group style breaks, which have randomly assigned teams, you do not need to be present for the break. You can watch it back later in the archives section where the video was posted. For a Hit Draft group style break you will definitely want to be present since you will have an opportunity to select the card of your choosing among the available remaining cards. Think of it like a fantasy football draft, you usually want to be present to make sure you get the player you want.