Q. What is Breaking?
A. Breaking is a service in which you pay for product, which is then opened for you live on camera. All of the cards contained in that product are then shipped directly to you.

Q. What is Group Breaking?
A. Group Breaking is a service in which you pay for a “share” of a product. That product is then opened for the group live on camera. All of the cards contained within your “share” are then shipped directly to you.

Q. What type of Group Breaking do you offer?
A. Typically our Group Breaks consist of two major forms of Breaking: Random Team Style Breaks and Pick Your Team Style Breaks.

Random Team Style Breaking allows you to purchase a “share” in the advertised break. All “shares” are priced identically. All individuals who purchased “shares” and all teams are randomized live on camera at the beginning of the break.

Pick Your Team Style Breaks allows you to select your desired team in the advertised break. All individuals who purchase “shares” in this type of break will pay different prices. More desirable teams will be more expensive and less desirable ones will be less expensive.

We also will host Hit Draft Style Breaks. Every spot purchased guarantees you a hit. We will do it all live on camera. Once the box or case is opened on camera we will random the purchasers to determine a “Draft Order”. When it is your turn, you select the card you want from the remaining cards that have not been drafted yet.

Q. What is Season Ticket Breaking?
A. Season Ticket allows you to purchase a guaranteed “share” in one case of every product for that Season. For example, if you are a SF Giants fan and you want to lock up a Season’s worth of cards, you would purchase the SF Giants Season Ticket. On release day, you would have your guaranteed favorite team for each of the products in that season.

Q. Do I have to pay sales tax?
A. If you live in Texas you will have to pay 8.25 % Sales Tax.

Q. Which cards do you ship from the Break?
A. We ship all the cards that were pulled for your particular “share” or team during the live break, unless otherwise specified.

Q. When do I get the cards from my break?
A. We ship all the cards that were pulled for your particular “share” or team within 5-7 business days. All of the cards will be shipped in proper protection including bubble mailer, box, penny sleeve, top loader team bag and/or one-touch case at no extra charge.

Q. Where can I watch your Breaks?
A. Breaks are streamed live using YouTube and can be found on our website under the Live Stream section or via our YouTube channel:  http://www.youtube.com/c/Rdrsportscards

Q. What if I get a team I don’t like in a Random Break?
A. First off we try to package all the teams up fairly to provide a good value for all of our customers. However we understand that sometimes leaving the team selection up to the randomness of a roll of the dice can leave you with a less than desirable team. Fear not! You may have a few options: If you are viewing the live feed you may be able to trade your team with another individual from the break. So be sure to engage in chat to see what options you might have.

Q. What is proper Break Conduct?
A. Breaking is intended to be an entertaining and fun event in which people from all walks of life are welcomed with open arms. We encourage interaction in chat and for people to have an enjoyable time with friendly conversation. We ask that you follow a high code of conduct while participating in breaks. We ask that you do not swear at or disrespect any of your fellow breakers or members of the staff.