About Us


RDR Sportscards is a company created by a newlywed husband and wife team who share a passion for sports, collectibles, and the Hobby culture.
Rick & Amy have collected cards individually for over 25 years and that shared experience makes them the perfect couple to understand what collectors are looking for. Rick & Amy experienced the thrill of the hunt again with the 2014 NFL Rookie class, where they opened copious amounts of packs, boxes, and cases. They quickly realized several things:

  1.  The expense of the Hobby is prohibitive for a large portion of collectors.
  2.  Local Hobby shops are now few and far between.
  3. Online Box and Case Breaking offers collectors a great opportunity to increase their collection for a smaller investment.

So after traveling to Hobby shops, participating in online breaks, and arming themselves with the understanding of what they wanted as customers, Rick & Amy decided they could do it better. This is when RDR Sportscards was born.


At RDR Sportscards our mission is quite simple:

We want to allow YOU to collect cards for less. We will strive to provide you the best possible value so you can get the most for your money.

We also are going to work hard to reconnect people to the thrill of the Hobby, which will ultimately benefit the collecting community as a whole.